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How To Measure Your Room For Wallpaper

  1. Measure the width and height (in feet) of the wall being papered and multiply the two measurements:
    width x height = square footage.
  2. Add the square footage of each wall being papered together to calculate the total room square footage.
  3. Divide your total square footage by 22 to find out how many SINGLE rolls of wallpaper you will need.
  4. Add the number of standard openings (doors and windows) found on the walls being papered. For every 3 standard openings, subtract 1 SINGLE roll from your single roll total.
  5. Since wallpaper is only sold in DOUBLE rolls, divide the number of SINGLE rolls by 2 to calculate the number of rolls you will need to complete your project.

Note: if your calculations do not add up to a whole number, always round up so you donít run out of paper!

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