About Wallpaper Your World

Open to the public, Wallpaper Your World is the latest boutique wallpaper showroom in Atlanta and West Palm Beach. As the ultimate wallpaper resource, Wallpaper Your World combines trendsetting and traditional wallpapers with natural, eco-friendly options to create a comprehensive collection to appeal to all tastes and styles. Relying on his years as an interior designer, owner Jack Poles hand-picks each pattern, predicts trends, and, most importantly, listens to clients to ensure Wallpaper Your World has the most sought after collection.

With a large in-stock collection of wallpapers, Wallpaper Your World is committed to the education of the green design trend.

In addition to eco-friendly options, Wallpaper Your World’s collection includes papers from time-tested favorites as well as from the latest designers. From full scale murals to traditional faux finish papers, the diverse collection features over 200 in-stock designs as well as a full library to inspire the design of any room.

The knowledgeable Wallpaper Your World staff is on hand to advise on proper measurement, application and preservation techniques to maximize your wallpaper’s potential.

Say goodbye to plain colored walls! Wallpaper Your World is dedicated to finding the perfect paper to personify your personal style.